Clearly the best exhibition stand system ever seen.

It brought whole new philosophy for stand building.

It is the real game-changer.

Your Benefits at The Trade Shows

More visitors to your stand 

Bright and vivid stand draws attention and arouses curiosity.

Your guests enjoy to stay  

Bright, refreshing and silenced atmosphere in your stand make that.

Easier leads and sales      

You can create a operating environment for your product in your stand and your customers will understand your product more easily.

Benefits for Your Brand

More leads, more trade     

Better visibility does that.

More trade, better business

Cause awareness is growing.

Your brand get stronger            

You give more impressive expression.


It does the job.

Exhibition stand walls, facades and ceilings get done fast and easy with a more professional touch than before. Surfaces need to look brilliant! It is priority at exhibition stands, right?

Conventional stand structures are often a waste of material and work. Walls, print attachments and back lighting is completed with only one work phase as it has previously taken three.

Our vision of outfit for 6 meter x 4 meter exhibition stand.


1. Enables innovation of construction.

2. It is not dazzling, it gives more natural expression than any other visual presentation.

3. Saves over 95 % of energy, when compared video screens.

CASE: Condens Heat Recovery

“The light elements drew attention – despite its small size, the stand was functional and impressive.”

Sauhu stand proved to be a viable and impressive solution. The light elements were installed into the structure of the stand as a natural part of the whole, and the uniform white cloth surface on the other walls created a stylish and fresh look for the stand.”

” The hinged door element running on the roll was a space-saving solution that finished the uniform look”.

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