Sauhu Dubai
Interior design
Finland Pavilion in-cooperative partner; interior design.

Sauhu was providing the Finnish pavilion with 5 wall sized backlit photo elements.

Conference & VIP lounge

Sauhu was displaying beautiful scenes of Finnish nature for the delight of our partners and their guests.

Sauhu Illusion
Sauhu LightWall
Makes Illusions
New Standard: Artificial Reality

Natural sized in scale backlit photowalls make pictures alive, which can take you to the place and the moment the picture was taken.

Reinforces a Theme and Creates Atmosphere

Sauhu LightWalls are ideal for the most demanding event spaces, such as world fair pavilion interiors and museum exhibitions.

Sauhu System
Sauhu System
Impressive to visitors
Quick And Easy Installation

Sauhu System is easy to set-up and weights less than traditional exhibition stand structures.

High Impact On Visitors

Vivid colors, high luminosity and state of the art print quality draws attention and enhances your message.

Sauhu Infinity
Sauhu Infinity
Durable Outdoor Solutions
Vivid Colors And Luminosity

Draws attention and creates a lasting impression.

Any Size - Limitless Possibilities

Suitable for small billboards as well as for building-size surfaces.

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Respecting the best moments of the past


These we made.

WhatsApp Image 2022-05-10 at 21.41.21

This we will make soon.

5x12m arch v2a

This we will make later.


Sauhu makes state of the art backlit photographic displays.

Our unique consept uses print film in a totally new way. It brings you the brightest colours and sharpest image in large scale photographic prints.

The image looks more real and vivid than anything seen before.

So That You Can Amaze Your Audience

Watch the whole video and see how it could happen.

”We Love Light.

And We Would Love to Lighten Up

Your Space and Brighten Up

Your Brand.”


Interior Design

Sauhu is a powerful tool for visually expressing your desired ideas, values and image. Where ever your audience is, you can visually create an inspiring environment and set the ambiance, where images induce a relaxed and happy mood of good humor.

Sauhu LightWall  sets a new standard in sharpness color, brightness and size for photo displays. Walls, ceilings and floors can be covered with vivid and luminous pictures.

Exhibition Stand System

Attract more visitors.

Your stand will be luminous, refreshing and acoustically silent and your guests will enjoy their stay in the inspiring atmosphere.

Sauhu is a powerful tool for visually showing your company’s products, ideas and values.

So that you can be attractive.


Outdoor Expressions

You can choose Sauhu printed backlit displays as an affordable alternative to large video displays. Large pictures have ultra-high resolution and are without reflection or glare. The picture is comfortable to look at even from close distance and does not strain ones eyes.

Sauhu LightWall can be made to any size without limits and it saves over 95% of electric power compared to video screens.

High fidelity and weather resistant with 3 year guarantee.

Amazing Their Audiences

With Sauhu LightWall.

Our References


Examples for LightWalls.

SMALL LightWall

Dual purpose LightWall. Continual use.

Easily taken to events and brought back to your facilities as interior LightWall.

Size: 1m x 1,5m


SMALL 2-sided LightWall

LightWall is ideal as a space divider with illuminated image on both, front and back sides.

You get almost double the image surface for the same price.

Size: 1m x 2m

Purso b-puoli

LARGE LightWall

You can visually create an inspiring environment and set the ambience, where images induce a relaxed and happy mood of good humour. This can be immeasurably valuable for you.

Size: 3m x 2,4m

LARGE LightWall

Customer feedback, ”We made a good deal.”

Size: 7m x 2,5m


One photo can be represented in several elements, in limitless Light Wall elements.

Size: 3 pcs. 2.25m x 5m

ARTIST Design:

”Window to Home” for traveller.

Finnish beauty.

Size: 0,6m x 0,9m

ARTIST Design:

”Window to Finland”.

Finnish national landscape view. Captured by Olli Kotilainen.

Seven separately taken images make up the panorama. It is very sharp.

Size: 3 pcs. 2m x 1,25m

How to purchase Sauhu LightWall

1. You can book your order and we provide a schedule for your delivery.

2. Send the picture you want to portray.

Help and ideas for choosing image, here.

3. Sauhu LightWall will be delivered upon contract.