Interior design
Finland Pavilion in-cooperative partner; interior design.

Sauhu is providing the Finnish pavilion with 5 wall sized backlit photo elements.

Conference & VIP lounge

Sauhu will display beautiful scenes of Finnish nature for the delight of our partners and their guests.

Sauhu Illusion
Interior Lightwalls
Artificial Reality

Natural sized in scale backlit photowalls make pictures alive, which can take you to the place and the moment the picture was taken.

Reinforce a Theme or Atmosphere

Sauhu's elements are ideal for the most demanding event spaces, such as world fair pavilion interiors and museum exhibitions.

Sauhu System
Impressive to visitors
Quick And Easy Installation

Sauhu System is easy to set-up and weights less than traditional exhibition stand structures.

High Impact On Visitors

Vivid colors, high luminosity and state of the art print quality draws attention and enhances your message.

Sauhu Infinity
Durable Outdoor Solutions
Vivid Colors And Luminosity

Draws attention and creates a lasting impression.

Any Size - Limitless Possibilities

Suitable for small billboards as well as for building-size surfaces.

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For you we provide highly developed printing solution to make your space and image look bright, cool and famous.

Because we know you will be thrilled, we promise full money back guarantee.


-Exhibition stand

-Show room

-Office interior

-Outdoor sign

-And many more… you name it.

You haven’t seen work like we do in a totally new level of quality and innovation.

”Window to Finland”

This work is designed and done on demand to show up updated Finnish national landscape in World Expo.

In The desert metropol Dubai it will amaze people. Yes, indeed.

You will give unforgettable experiences with our new backlit canvas print system.


Interior Design

It arouses interest and gives a chance explore smallest details.

Sauhu can visually create an inspiring environment and set the ambiance, where images induce a relaxed and happy mood of good humor.

Exhibition Stand System

Luxurious & profitable.

Sauhu backlit elements have been designed for quick and easy installation. They can be used as a stand structure or integrated into existing structures, e.g. as a front of a counter. Backlighting is provided by integrated LEDs.

Outdoor Lightwalls

Bright like a screen. Gives time for your message.

And saves over 95% of energy use, when compared to video screens.

Sauhu’s high-quality outdoor elements can withstand Finland’s harsh weather conditions and retain their vivid colors and luminosity for years.

They can be made to any size and installed on billboards, display windows or building walls.


Energy saving concept

SAUHU, menetelmä tunnel

1. Aluminum frame

2. Canvases

3. Integrated LED lights

Stiff canvas is stretched rigid by simple and genius invention.

Canvas covers up whole structure, it gives fine finished touch for design and also sides of elements can be printed.

It saves over 95% of energy, when compared to video screen.

Philosophy behind innovation


In the spirit of innovation, we have set to show a bright future to the world.

Our printed backlit photo displays, are in the line of Finnish minimalist design tradition.

In our novel product we have creatively combined modern advances in lighting-, photographic- and printing technologies.


Sauhu is a powerful tool for visually expressing your company`s ideas, values and image.

Story behind innovation


As well experienced and long time exhibition builder he was continuously thinking of ways to make work easier and faster for himself and his colleagues however without compromising on the degree of quality. In search of solutions he brought the old ”lightbox” method to a totally new level of quality and innovation.

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