Sauhu System
Exhibition Stand Lightwalls
Quick And Easy Installation

Sauhu System is easy to set-up and weights less than traditional exhibition stand structures.

High Impact On Visitors

Vivid colors, high luminosity and state of the art print quality draws attention and enhances your message.

Sauhu Illusion
Interior Lightwalls
Artificial Reality

Natural-sized backlit photowalls wake pictures alive and can take you to the place and moment when the picture was taken.

Reinforce a Theme or Atmosphere

Sauhu's elements are ideal for the most demanding spaces, such as museum exhibitions.

Sauhu Infinity
Durable Outdoor Solutions
Vivid Colors And Luminosity

Draw attention and create a lasting impression.

Any Size - Limitless Possibilities

Suitable for small billboards as well as for building-size surfaces.

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SAUHU Backlit Lightwall

New Standard of Artificial Reality

Exhibition Stand System

Sauhu backlit elements have been designed for quick and easy installation. They can be used as a stand structure or integrated into existing structures, e.g. as a front of a counter. Backlighting is provided by integrated LEDs.

Interior Lightwalls

Sauhu lightwalls can be used as informative or decorative elements. They are so vivid, that they define the whole space.

Sauhu lightwalls are lightweight and versatile. They can be used as standalone elements, or installed on a wall, ceiling, or other surface.

Outdoor Lightwalls

Sauhu’s high-quality outdoor elements can withstand Finland’s harsh weather conditions and retain their vivid colors and luminosity for years.

They can be made to any size and installed on billboards, display windows or building walls.