Presentation of changing stand.

Solution #1




Watch in 1 minute, how it is packed in 10 minutes


SAUHU System

is designed in principle to enable quick and easy fabric print installation, as simple as possible.

For added attention, the prints can be backlit with frame-integrated LEDs. With this unique method, the image surfaces are 100% illuminated, and the seams of the elements is minimal.

WATCH the video, how convenient and quick it is packed after event.


The fabric seams are neat and unnoticeable.

”The light elements drew attention – despite its small size, the stand was functional and impressive.”

Sauhu stand proved to be a viable and impressive solution. The light elements were installed into the structure of the stand as a natural part of the whole, and the uniform white cloth surface on the other walls created a stylish and fresh look for the stand.”

Light behind fabricprint

Backlit elements can be used as a stand structure or added to a wake-up call, for example, as the front of the counter.

Moveable structures

Thanks to its steadiness and lightness, Sauhu can be use into functionalities. An example door element on the roll.


”The hinged door element running on the roll was a space-saving solution that finished the uniform look”

Moving picture

No prints can made be and digital material can be presented on the stand by integrated video screens.

Fastening elements

Parts are made of stainless steel by laser cutting, folding and electric polishing.

Correction of wrinkles.

Which may happen in a transportation or installation stage, succeeded by a hot air blower and professionalism.

The fabric is tightened in the frame, so it is easy to straighten, by heating.