Exhibition stand

Sauhu Systems stand in Energy Fair 2016:

Condens Heat Recovery Oy.

Note that all walls in the compartment are Sauhu fabric elements and seams are minimal.

The lightweight door element runs lightly on the roller.

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                ” Sauhu stand turned out to be a functional and impressive solution.”

Customer experience.

”Sauhu Solutions Oy carried out our stand for Energy 2016 fair. The proposal for implementation was distinguished and the agreement was reached flexibly. In the design of the stand, our vision and needs were taken as the starting point, on the basis of which the whole of the co-operation was built. Some changes, like always, were made flexible.

In advance preparation, such as technical orders, we received a professional guidance from Sauhu. The construction of the stand went on schedule and the latest changes in the stand were completed quickly.

Sauhu stand proved to be a viable and impressive solution. The light elements were installed into the structure of the stand as a natural part of the whole, and the uniform white cloth surface on the other walls created a stylish and fresh look for the stand. Brands and other graphics were made with tapes and we imported billboards hung on wall with thin hooks. The hinged door element running on the roll was a space-saving solution that finished the uniform appearance.

Practical experiences from the fair were good. The stand created a working framework for presenting our products and materials and creating customer relationships. The light elements drew attention – despite its small size, the stand was functional and impressive. Sauhu was also a financially good choice; The budget did not escape from small budget unattainable and the investment in the light walls was worth it. ”

Annika Mäkinen

Condens Heat Recovery Oy

Finnish Hockey League

FHL teams Ilves and Tappara use same Vip club in ice-hockey arena, with their hosts alternating.

The staff rotates the rolling element as needed.

SEE VIDEO how the wall turns.


We carried out a pilot project to Shell Pukinmäki. We made an agreement to be as fast as possible with the project and keep the process customer oriented. We also decided to test the reliability and flexibility of our production line in hurry situations.

The graphic material came to us on monday. We edited the material to printable form and made the order for the prints from Tammerkosken Teollisuus. We got the prints fast on the same week from the order and as assembly team worked through the weekend, the installation team was able to do their work on next week’s monday.

This energy efficient and prominent solutions consumes less than 300W of electricity.


In his call for bids, the customer told us that he wanted a 5m wide lightwall which would be easy to take apart. The display was constructed in front of a small passageway that was still being used from time to time.

We carried out a 4-part and 2,6m high, mobile display solution based on the customer’s materials.

It is worth noting that thanks to Sauhu’s unique structure the print reaches all the way to the edges of the display and the seams are almost unnoticeable. The luminary intensity has been lowered to achieve the wanted mood.

The execution included also a smaller two-sided space divider.


The light display works well as a driver or sponsor stand. It stands out well even in daylight and when the night comes, it can not be unseen.

This wall was based on a photograph which was taken in previous weekend’s Swedish race. If needed, Sauhu can evolve from a photograph to a final light display in under a week.