We Want to Make Your Brand Look Bright, Cool and Famous.

Hi and Welcome to our website!

I am delighted and greatly appreciate you having come this far to get to know our innovation. I am Finnish man Hannes, founder of Sauhu and I do my best to tell you what is it about in our thing and I hope we can find a way to help you to amaze your audience.

Sauhu LightWall can be a stylish outlook for a ice-hockey team or other group of people. Maybe for your work team, in the company lobby to say welcome to visitors?

Maybe you want to let your visitors amaze their audience with social media. They can perform in front of your photowall and take photos as if they were somewhere else than they really are.

One incident was when one kid almost ran into this tunnel in the museum exhibition. It looks so real.

Sauhu LightWall can be 2-sided and works also as space divider in office and give light for work spaces.

This one is making Finland pavilion office in EXPO 2020 Dubai look like a landscape office. It is in the middle of the desert, amazing.

We call it as ”Window to Finland”.

You have space without window? Is it distressing?

You can choose your favorite landscape view in your space in one wide panoramic image or you can make it look like windows and change feeling of your space entirely.