Project: World Biggest Light Wall

Finnish trademark Sauhu has developed a system to make ”Giant Scale” printed displays.

It is a very sharp and bright backlit print / aluminum frame system.

These guys from Tampere promised to fill up any place on earth, with their awesome elements. Just need electricity and surface to attach to. And if not have electricity, they will bring generators.


When asked from the leader of project, ”how difficult is it to make something biggest in the world in these days?”

”We will load truck trailers full of 13 meter x 2,5 meter elements, go on to the site and lift up elements with crane, simple as that. One 13m x 2,5m element weights only 120 kg.”


He continues with fire of passion in his eyes.

”I have the biggest and the most cost-efficient solution for landscape signs.

And I want to fill up the world with beautiful and inspirational illuminating pictures.


Also I liked to follow a new way of thinking in marketing. 

It Is The Priority;  to get whole message in  One Look,  with the best moment captured.”


Says founder Hanski





Presented 11.7.2017