Immersive Moments

It is a new way to bring light, beauty and relaxation indoors


Sauhu is a powerful tool for visually expressing your company`s ideas, values and image.

It can visually create an inspiring environment and set the ambiance, where images induce a relaxed and happy mood of good humor.


It’s as bright as a video screen and more vivid than any other visual display. It has to be really seen before one can comprehend and appreciate its impressiveness which will undoubtedly revolutionize the art of display and set a new standard of artificial reality.

tukku ja vähittäiskauppa

Black and white pictures can bring you back in time.

This one was taken over hundred years ago.

ikkuna suurennos

With our technique we can successfully reproduce accurate wall sized photographs.

Ilves-Sauhu 2,5m x 2,25m

”Super stars”

Iives areena

”Team spirit”

isku aula

Visual environment

Extending the feel of the size of the space and enhancing the desired feeling of the space.

isku seinä ja pöytä

Design product showcase

”Windows” for windowless spaces.

Birckala 1017, 2000 x 1700

Sauhu LightWalls can be used as informative or decorative elements.

Purso b-puoli

2 – sided LightWall is an illuminating solution for company show room.

Cloudberry pro