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Even in the comfort of your home.

Artists, museums and other users have found the  NEW BACKLIT potential. This enhanced the  increase  in the production rate.

It is assumed that this method which can produce better quality in  lower  price  and takes only fraction of video screen power will illuminate a lot in the future.

Sauhu have invented method which don’t leave black borders around element. That makes  New Backlit’s unified surface expands infinitely.

Size and place have no limits.

What would prevent hot air balloon to lift big backlit on the sky in dark time events?

In this era of high-tech, materials are developing fast rate and it opens more possibilities for  New Backlit  to get even  lighter  and  bigger.

”Sky Ain’t limit” 

Installation team note:

With light and simple aluminum construction, installation is like child’s play,
fun and rewarding.

Watch the video of Sauhu Squad, HERE.


Backlits comes in many different forms,
depending on the preference of the user.


1. Landscape

2. Event

3. Show Room

4. Show case

5. Public facilities


There are lots of signs and adverts without backlit. 

On expensive advertising places can see prints without backlit.
For example in sport events and races in TV.

And lot of expensive RGB displays with standing pictures, because traffic rules don’t allow video screens to disturp drivers.

Of course advertising selling offices loves those high-tech screens.

Expensive solutions make bigger profits;)

Also they can sell one place many times, by changing pictures in every few seconds.


This 13m x 21m backlit takes only 3600w of electricity and can be powered by portable generator, if needed.

Shell Pukinmäki (3)

This one takes less than 300W.


Printed canvas can be used with or without lights behind.

Backlit gives stylish design and bright white ”basic walls” giving elegant atmosphere to the stands.

With light and steady construction, it is possible to produce multiple functionalities as storage wall turning on roll and rotating 2-sided wall size displays.

You can watch short video of 2-sided backlit on wheels turning. HERE.

Exhibition solution video from this picture, please.

In 70s was last time when exhibitions experienced big change. Wooden panels was integrated in invented aluminum frame system. Aluminum construction needed lot less of preparing work and materials became more recycled. Lot of expenses was saved.

Now after 40 years it is time to big change again. Canvas is integrated in aluminum frame system and heavy panels can be written part of history. Lot less expenses, again.
Recycling ratio will increase due to rolled and packed prints. Prints have been little like ”one time” use in exhibition stands.

Storage and transport volumes are reducing a lot and it is reducing expenses as well, because events is moving around all the time.

Old fashion panels need palette under the stack and need machine to move it, when canvas rolls are holded in arms.


All the wall surfaces of the stand are canvas and video screens are integrated in backlit elements.


The show room is one of the best opportunities for the company to

convince customers of their quality and integrity at a sales event.


4-part display solution.

It is worth noting that thanks to  Sauhu’s unique structure the print reaches all the way to the

edges of the display and the seams are almost unnoticeable.

From the picture link below you can view the ”Real Time Model” presentation of the implementation and a walk-in showroom space.

”What can give you a better picture of the potential of the space at the design phase of project.”

SEW_showroom (4)

All kinds of display and product integrations are available.


The show case is one important way of marketing in all cities.

New Backlit challenge other methods and showing up as the most efficient way in window.

Sometimes windows are very tight places to get staff in and often needed to make assembly in window backroom.

You can watch assembly of this backlit in short video. HERE.

IMG_8169 50%

Is it possible to not look at it when walk past?
Light turn human eyes as magnet.
It’s almost like magic!


Client reaction: ”Stunning and Brilliant.”


New Backlit is also tool of architects and designers.

They have found huge potential in illuminating images.

Hanging from roof is easy, due to its light aluminum construction.



Comfort of your home.

Backlit can be very good idea to fit up interior of home also.

Imagination is limitless
You dream it, backlit brings it to life.

View these sites for more inspiration.



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