You can consider benefits for your brand.

More leads, more trade     

Better visibility does that.

More trade, better business

Cause awareness is growing.

Your brand get stronger            

You can give more impressive and uniform expression for your audience.

Benefits you can reach at the trade shows

More visitors to your stand 

Bright and vivid stand draws attention and arouses curiosity.

Your guests enjoy to stay  

Bright, refreshing and silenced atmosphere in your stand make that.

Easier leads and sales      

You can create a operating environment for your product in your stand and your customers will understand your product more easily.


Prints without backlit

Here you can see Sauhu backlit and

regular print on the same wall.

Regular backlit prints

Sauhu has its own unique patented method.

It illuminates 100% of the image surface and completely covers the aluminum structure with the printable surface, which other backlit print systems can’t do.

Regular backlit print

Sauhu’s method is also unique for stretching print and it doesn’t need flexible fabric print to get print surface attached with high quality.

The durable, sturdy and inelastic film material used by Sauhu ensures better light transmission and deeper and brighter reproduction of image colors.

This photo was taken at Finland’s largest print industry exhibition in Helsinki on 11.3.2020. It reflects the actual market situation for backlit prints.

Clearly, Sauhu is in its own category in image quality and therefore shows the way to the future of the backlit prints.

Regular backlit print

SAUHU backlit print

Big sized video screen

You can get same attention, get more viewers for your message and be ”green” at same time with Sauhu LightWall.


Sauhu is not dazzling, it is more accurate, it don’t require expensive video contect, it have budget price and Sauhu is saving over 95% electric power when compared to video screens.


We think priority is ”one look message”. The most beautiful image and short and clear message are the most powerful way to make brand marketing, outside & inside.

With Sauhu you can control your exactly message is seen in every taken photo which shared in social media.