ISKU Show Room: Dubai Design District


Light Artwork: ”Frozen In Time”

By this time the sun is already rising on the Arabian peninsula, but not here in Enontekiö, a northerly region in Finnish Lapland. It won’t shine for many weeks because here it is ”kaamos”, polar night, a time when the sun is not seen for many weeks. Winter seems to have even frozen time.

Surprisingly though, there is abundant light for the wanderer to ski. Ice crystals reflect the bright moonlight and figures cast their shadows on the white snow. A magical show is presented by the Aurora Borealis and northern star constellations travelling across the sky.

The track in the snow is evidence that someone on skis has crossed the landscape. We do not know who it was. People here have traveled on skis since time immemorial. We could even image it was someone from another epoch. A timeless quality is a profound characteristic of the image.

People of this magical land have told many stories and tales. From here comes Santa with flying reindeers, remarkably, one of the worlds most iconic figures for centuries. Undoubtedly, this environment has been a tremendous source of inspiration.

Experiencing this view has the potential to set you on a good mood, make you feel happy and awaken the sense of timelessness within you.

The Avant Garde in Visual Arts

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Fantasy becomes reality with ’SAUHU Visual Environments’, a state of the art technique to produce immersive and virtual experiences.

You can transform any space into the images of your dreams.

Light Artwork Producer Hannes Köntti

Light Artist Hannes is aspiring to create inspirational visual experiences and happy feelings in people with depictions of natural beauty.

With this compelling visual experience, he hopes, people who have never been to Lapland, would get an authentic feeling and sense of being there.

When he lights up the picture, it is an amazing moment. The commercial space suddenly becomes transformed by a beautiful, breathtaking view of northern Finland. Hannes calls this stunning instant of recognition ”the Wow affect”, when one is filled with the sense of beauty and awe. ”This is the feeling we’re creating at ISKU Gallery in Dubai”, says Hannes. It virtually is like looking across the snowy moonlit landscape of Lapland. ”Visual Environments, Hannes describes, is an immersive visual experience created with illuminated pictures”. This light artwork was achieved with Sauhu- Lightwall, which has the spirit of Finnish minimalist design and is a creative combination of various faculties of modern technology.

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Also as Sauhu’s founder Hannes feels fortunate and enthusiastic that Finnish Art and Design are now on show in prestigious Dubai Design District. He has brought together a team of avant-gardist associates and affirms, ”We are in Dubai to share happiness and show a bright future to the world”.

Hannes lives in the city of Tampere. From behind his home a walking path leads through old growth forest, alongside the rocky shores of lake Näsijärvi. Nevertheless, it is only ten minutes from the city center. Daily he escapes the bustle to walk in nature to relax his mind and body. This can be considered usual for many Finnish city dwellers. Finns share an ancestral bond with nature while being firmly connected to the modern age.

Days in winter time are limited to dim twilight. More too often the weather is inhospitable. This period is considered challenging, both physically and psychologically. Maybe if it wasn’t for those moments of beauty, twinkling of ice crystals or enchanting northern lights, it would be harder to endure. Hannes occasional enjoys walks on the frozen lake with friends and his children.

Survival requires ingenuity and motivates to find solutions. Hannes recognized how pictures can change the moods of people and make them happier. ”End of Darkness” became his motto, literally and metaphorically. After a ten year professional career with backlit films and prints, he opted to be entrepreneur and has been fulfilling his dream of light and happiness.

Pictures communicate ideas and feelings intuitively 

Looking at pictures, seems to be part of basic human nature resonating with the way we observe the world around us. After all, vision is our primary sense and much of our brain capacity is dedicated to making it meaningful. Pictures don’t require words and aren’t limited by language barriers. We can often relate to them through common human experience. Basic feelings, which we all share, can fluently be expressed in them and effortlessly sensed by anyone, regardless of which cultural background we come from.

Communicating in pictures is core to Sauhu.

State of the Art, Finnish Minimalist Design

”In the spirit of innovation,

we have set forth to bring

a bright future to the world”.


SAUHU is participating in ISKU’S Dubai Showroom -project with Light Artwork installations. The companies have previously collaborated in the Finnish National Pavilion -project, DUBAI Expo2020.

The Light Artwork installations are realized using SAUHU Visual Environments, a technique for creating immersive visual experiences with pictures, utilizing SAUHU LightWall, printed backlit screen modules.

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Joonas Vikström, head of Isku Middle East section, has organized the Seasons of Finland – exhibit In their Dubai Gallery and chosen the picture on display.

Light Artist, Hannes Köntti produced LightWalls and was presiding over Light Artwork installations and Services.