Grand Scale Project: Worlds Biggest Backlighted Photograph

Sauhu, a Finnish trademark has developed a unique system to make gigantic sized, Backlit Print Displays.

The backlit photo print is very sharp and bright with vivid colors. The whole picture forms continuously with many Sauhu System panels.

Materials are durable for outdoor use including light weight aluminium frame with energy efficient LED lighting.


When asked from the project leader, ”how difficult is it to make something biggest in the world these days?”

Our crew from Tampere is dedicated to installations anywhere in the world and we also have engineering capability.

Simply, we just need to know the structure, to which it is to be mounted and electrical connections.

”We will load truck trailers full of 13 meter x 2,5 meter elements, go on to the site and lift up elements with crane, simple as that. One 13m x 2,5m element weights only 120 kg.”

He continues with passion in his eyes.

”We have the biggest and the most beautiful solution for landscape signs.

And we want to fill up the world with beautiful and inspirational illuminating pictures.”


I like to follow a new way of thinking in visual presentations.

It Is The Priority;  ”To get the whole message through in One Glance of an image, of the most relevant photo, most fabulously presented by Sauhu LightWall”.


Says founder Hannes Köntti